I work on topics related to public transport and new technologies in transport. I’m mostly interested in the optimization and equilibrium problems that emerge when searching for designs that take all societal interests into account. These issues yield questions in economy, math and admit collaboration with many other research areas.

Public transport design

The design of public transport networks is a challenging and crucial problem for modern cities. I’ve focused on the design of lines and fleets, as well as the analysis of scale economies, when considering heterogeneous demand in space and time.

Algorithms and transport

This is a vast topic, that I have worked on in both directions: the use of algorithms to solve complex transportation problems, and the analysis of combinatorial and game theory problems inspired by transportation theory.

On-demand logistics

New technologies impact the logistics sector, triggering relevant combinatorial problems such as the same-day-delivery or the operation of automated warehouses.

On-demand ridepooling

Flexible mobility systems have become massive during recent years. I aim at understanding shared on-demand systems: their socially optimal design and operation, and the relationship with individual desires.

Working for a transportation App

New jobs, which are becoming more and more massive, have been created due to the disruptive way carsharing and delivery apps have emerged. I aim at describing and understanding this relevant societal effect of new transportation technologies.

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Cities and transport

Mobility systems respond to urban structures, which are in turn affected in the mid-long term by their transportation systems. I aim at understanding both phenomena.