I’ve lectured the following courses:

  • Probabilities and statistics, as the main teacher, at Universidad Federico Santa María, Santiago, Chile, during 2015-2018. Here you can find past tests and exams (in Spanish).
  • Practical workshop “Design of a public transport network in Santiago, Chile”, in collaboration with Prof. Sergio Jara-Díaz, at Universidad de Chile, during 2017-2019.
  • During my undergraduate studies at Universidad de Chile, I was an assistant teacher in the following courses:
    • General courses: Introduction to algebra, Linear algebra, Probabilities, Game theory, Calculus in several variables, and Advanced calculus and applications.
    • Courses for Mathematical Engineering’s students: Analysis, Measure theory, Markov processes, and Combinatorial Optimization.

I am currently co-supervising the M.Sc. theses of:

  • Francisco Vilches (U. de Chile), who is studying the potential of Contraction Hierarchies for the design of on-demand ridepooling.
  • Valentina Gómez (U. de Chile), who is studying heuristics to design public transport networks.

I have co-supervised the M.Sc. theses of:

  • Nander Theodoridis (TU Delft, graduated 2022), entitled: “Incorporation of Reservations in an on-Demand Ridesharing System”.
  • Mees Matthieu (TU Delft, graduated 2022), entitled: “Shared Mobility-on-Demand Systems: Reducing Service Unreliability”.
  • Pieter Schuller (TU Delft, graduated 2021), entitled: “Fairness in Mobility on Demand Systems with Ride-Sharing”.