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I am Andrés Fielbaum, Mathematical Engineer and Ph.D. in Systems Engineering. My main fields of research are public transport, transportation networks, new transportation technologies, and transport-related algorithms. I am currently a postdoc in the Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab (Cognitive Robotics Department) at TU Delft, analyzing on-demand ridepooling systems with Professor Javier Alonso-Mora. In a few weeks I will be joining the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor).

I got my Ph.D. at Universidad de Chile under the supervision of Professor Sergio Jara-Díaz (2019), and before that I got my degree as Engineer and as an M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering at the same University (2014). I have also worked as a researcher in Universidad de O’Higgins, and as the main lecturer in different courses at Universidad de Chile and Universidad Federico Santa María.

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Map of the Metro lines in Santiago, Chile. The efficient design of a transit network is a challenging economic and combinatorial problem.