CV and contact

An updated version of my CV (April 2023) can be found here.

I am Andrés Fielbaum. I graduated as a Mathematical Engineer with an MSc in Transports Engineering at Universidad de Chile in 2014, and as a PhD in Engineering Systems at the same University in 2019. My research interests express this mixture between mathematics and transportation theory, aiming at using mathematical tools to solve transport-related problems, and studying mathematical problems inspired by transportation systems.

Within transportation science, I am mostly interested in public transport and the impact of new technologies. As such, my PhD thesis studied optimal public transport design under different demand conditions, and I am a current postdoc at TU Delft analyzing on-demand ridepooling systems. Whereas in math, my interests relate to combinatorial optimization, algorithms, and game theory, as these are topics that emerge naturally in several transportation systems.

Besides my academic work, I’ve had a relevant participation in national (Chilean) discussions in education, politics and transports. During 2013 I was the President of the Students’ Union of my University, and spokesman of University students at a national level. I am part of Comunes political party, which participates in the Chilean Frente Amplio.

Dr. Andrés Salomón Fielbaum Schnitzler
School of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
University of Sydney
Building J05, 225 Shepherd St, Darlington NSW 2008
Office 336B
Twitter: @AFielbaum, Profiles: ResearchGate, Google Scholar, LinkedIn
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